Costs Protein shakes and BCAA tests + Lab info

The amounts for testing of (whey and casein) protein shakes, BCAA's and other supplements are incl. Paypal costs. Purchasing and shipping costs vary between 25 and  € 45 depending on the quantity purchased. All protein shake products tested are the flavor vanilla so we can have a correct comparison between them. We buy all the products in advance to minimize possible adjustment off the products by the sellers for the tests.

  • 15 amino acids: € 285
  • Carbohydrates + sugars: € 115
  • Crude protein (kjeldahl): € 40
  • Free (non-bound) amino acids: € 155

The amino acid analysis is done on 15 amino acids to exclude Amino Spiking. Tryptophan, Proline and Tyrosine are not tested. Why not 18? This is because it will cost € 200 more and is not necessary considering the amino acids not tested are more expensive to add than whey itself. So companies will not use these to spike the whey.

There is also the possibility to test on free/loose amino acids instead of checking the amino acid profile. BCAA products are always tested with this method. This costs less and is perfect to detect amino spiking. All loose amino acids added will be detected with this method and if found the total protein content will be adjusted. Total costs with a nitrogen analysis are € 195 excl. purchase and dispatch costs. 

Info lab

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