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Protein shake Analysis

All products tested are the flavor vanilla so we can have a correct comparison between them. We buy all the products in advance to minimize possible adjustment off the products by the sellers for the tests. All products are tested by the Kjeldahl method on nitrogen content and calculated to crude protein. This is what you get, not dry matter -> this is without the 4-5% moisture that is present in whey. A deviation of maximum 7% (crude protein) as compared to the value on the label is normal.

For detecting of amino spiking we use an amino acid analysis. Total costs for a nitrogen and amino acid analysis are € 325 excl. purchase and shipping costs.

Measurement free amino acids

There is also the possibility to test on free/non-bound amino acids instead of checking the amino acid profile. This costs less and is perfect to detect amino spiking. All seperate added amino acids will be detected with this method and if found the total protein content will be adjusted. Total costs with a nitrogen analysis are € 195 excl. purchase and dispatch costs.


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Supplements manufacturers may donate separately for its own product. We only accept donations by a company if we have previously purchased the product. Otherwise there is a risk of manipulation of the products, what we want to avoid. If you want to use our site logo and name for the tested product, this is possible after a pre-agreed amount. This helps us maintain the website and purchase products in advance.


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