Info protein shake and supplement tests

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Protein Analysis

All protein powder products tested are the flavor vanilla so we can have a correct comparison between them. We buy all the products in advance to minimize possible adjustment off the products by the sellers for the tests. All products are tested by the Kjeldahl method on nitrogen content and calculated to crude protein. This is what you get, not dry matter. A deviation of maximum 7% (crude protein) as compared to the value on the label is normal.

For detection of amino spiking we use an amino acid analysis.This is done on 15 amino acids to exclude Amino Spiking. Tryptophan, Proline and Tyrosine are not tested. Why not 18? This is because it will cost more and is not necessary considering the amino acids not tested are more expensive to add than whey itself. So companies will not use these to spike the whey.

There is also the possibility to test on free/loose amino acids instead of checking the amino acid profile. BCAA products are always tested with this method. This costs less and is perfect to detect amino spiking. All loose amino acids added will be detected with this method and if found the total protein content will be adjusted.

In some cases we also test carbohydrates and/or sugar content.

Info lab

We don't test the products ourselves but use the Dutch laboratory Nutricontrol located in the Netherlands.

Nutricontrol is a "one-stop-shop" laboratory for feed and food companies with focus on analytical methods related to food safety and nutritional value. The laboratory serves many companies producing human food and animal feed.


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