Doping Authority warns for dietary supplement Unstoppable (Dedicated Nutrition)

In recent months, the Doping Authority received several reports of athletes who had serious health problems after using the pre-workout supplement Unstoppable (brand Dedicated Nutrition). Further investigation revealed that the product contained two prohibited substances: nor-DMAA (not declared on the label) and higenamine (declared).

The nature of the complaints are in such that this case also has been repoterd at the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA).


It is especially the undeclared nor-DMAA which can lead to serious side effects. It is a relatively new substance that has not previously been found in dietary supplements. The substance is a derivative of the previously from the market removed methylhexanamine (DMAA) and is on the doping list under the category S6. Stimulants. Other names which are used for nor-DMAA, include:

  • 2-amino-4-methyl-pentane (AMP)
  • 4-methylamylamine
  • 1.3 dimethylbutylamine


Higamine stands in contrast to nor-DMAA clearly indicated on the label. To this bronchodilator there are, as far as is known, no serious health risks noted. It is - like all other beta-2 agonists - on the doping list under the category S3. Beta-2 agonists. Alternative names for higenamine are:

  • Norcoclaurine (nor)
  • Demethylcoclaurine


The presence of nor-DMAA has been established after users reported serious side effects. The message of this case to the NVWA - and the subsequent conclusion of the laboratory - led to the writing of this web message.


This does not emphatically mean that Unstoppable is the only supplement where doping substances are processed in. The Doping Authority has been warning for years for the intentionally and unintentionally processing of prohibited substances in food supplements and encourages athletes, who may come into contact with doping controls, to take only NZVT-approved supplements. More information on this system can be found here.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014