About us

New tests of supplements regularly emerge stating that the content does not match with what is declared on the label. It may also be that certain substances are present in the supplement but not listed. This can be a big problem if you're a controlled athlete, and sometimes for your health like you can read here and here. Also more scandals are emerging about protein products that contain much less protein then claimed. A new phenomenon is amino spiking, where cheap amino acids are added, such as glycine, to a protein product to artificially raise the protein content. These are illegal practices that are used purely for profit.

We are a group of athletes who where very shocked by this news. In addition, we have seen that there is a high degree of censorship that prevails around these tests. Certain companies will do anything to stop this and try to sweep the test results under the carpet. This made us decide to create a website with the aim of transparency to consumers. We want to collect this information on supplementlabtest.com where tests and discussions don't just disappear.

It all started with the Reddit test on different, particularly American, brands. Afterwards members of Dutchbodybuilding.com (now forum.bodybuilding.nl) organized a test for XXL - Whey delicous and Bodyenfit - Whey Perfection. Because amino spiking was detected on Bodyenfit two follow-up tests (1 and 2) were posted on Bodybuilding.nl. Afterwards we launched our site in order to collect the information and do further testing on different brands.

For any questions, comments or suggestions you can contact us on the contact page or on our Facebook page