Amino X - BSN - Free amino acid analysis by

Product Name: 
Amino X
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Test Date: 
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Results match label: 


The following test on Amino X from BSN has been requested by our site and is therefore an independent test. The product has been ordered at a webshop and delivered directly to the laboratory Nutricontrol.


By use of a free amino acid analysis a BCAA content of 29,8% has been measured. This represents a deviation of +11,6% compared to the specified percentage of 26,7% on the label.

Tested product

- BCAA content: 29,8%


On the report below the the measured BCAA values of are stated in grams per kilograms. Calculated to per 100 grams gives the following percentages:

Iso-leucine -> 7,34%
Leucine -> 14,65%
Valine -> 7,83%

Other non-BCAA amino acids are also added:

Alanine -> 13,76%
Taurine -> 18,33%

The content as indicated on the label