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Vitamine D3 1000 IU
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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The following test on Vitamin D3 1000iu from XXL Nutrition has been placed on by a member and is therefore an independend test.


The analysis shows a weight of 99.5 mg per capsule , and a content of 1,050 IU Vitamin D3. This is within the tolerance of 10 % and indicates a correct production process.


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Following the events of recent times I wondered how the state of vitamin D3 is, because I'm also a regular user.

It is a cheap product, and the product itself is cheap to produce so there is no immediate reason to assume that these products are not correct. But I want to test it anyway to be sure.

I have contacted an independent lab and they agreed two samples can be tested on the content of vitamin D3 for an amount of 148.95 euros (including VAT). Because i find this a fairly affordable price i want to do it anyway.

Body & Fitshop sells two vitamin D3 variants 1000iu and 5000iu. XXL Nutrition sells only one variant with 1000iu. I doubt between the 1000iu or 5000iu variant of Body & Fit to test, OR 1000iu B & F AND 1000iu XXL. You may decide.

I have already ordered the products and they already arrived in the original sealed box. So, if a damage control operation is to be started after this topic it will have no result.

I have contacted both XXL Nutrition and B&F asking if there are lab tests available of their vitamin D3. XXL Nutrition replied back that there are not, but there is no reason to doubt the quality because the raw material is cheap. Body & Fit has still not responded to date.

I'm going to run the test anyway. But anyone who wants to help me financially by contributing with a donation is very welcome. Everything happens in the open, the prices are known and the bill can be inspected. If there are no dations this is also fine. I still will place the results on DBB.

Topic on Labtest vitamine D3 Body & Fitshop en XXL Nutrition


See below the report for the analysis of Euro Finnish lab.