Whey Delicious - XXL Nutrition - Amino acid analysis by Members Bodybuilding.nl

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Whey Delicious (mix)
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Thursday, October 30, 2014
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The following test on Whey Delicious from XXL Nutrition has been posted by members of Bodybuilding.nl on the forum and is therefore an independent test.


In November 2014, the following lab test appeared on Bodybuilding.nl. The discussion about these lab test is unfortunately closed by the moderator, but there is a new topic opened by the admin where the discussion can be continued on the test results. This discussion can be found here!  The results indicate that B&F Whey Perfection contains 12.5 gram less protein than stated on the label. What also is striking is the high value Glycine (4.5%) and Alanine (5.9%). This may indicate aminospiking, which is the addition of an inexpensive amino acid to raise the protein percentage.


Tested product

-Crude Protein: 77,6%

The original post on Bodybuilding.nl

As most of you know, members of DBB raised funds with about 60 contributors and anonymously purchased Whey Delicious Vanilla from XXL Nutrition and Whey Perfection Vanilla from Bodyenfitshop to test them in a laboratory.

It is about an lab test on the protein content and amino acid profile (and some other things) to see if the protein content is correct and that no use is made ​​of aminospiking
(adding cheap amino acids in order to increase the protein content).

This is done to finally have a test where none of these producers themselves had any influence.

The results:

The report is quite extensive but in the following table you can find all amino acids, and by what percentage these are present..
You can also convert the protein precentage from this.

You can clearly see that XXL Whey Delicious contained 77.6% protein, and on the container is stated 80%.
It contains per 100 grams of product 77.6 grams of protein. That is 2.4 g less than stated on the label and a deviation of 3%.

B&F Whey Perfection contained 65.5% protein, on the container is mentioned 78%. There is per 100 grams 65.5 grams of protein in it. That is 12.5 gr less than indicated on the label and a deviation of 16.1%.

What also is striking is the high value Glycine at B&F Whey Perfection (4.5%).
This can indicate aminospiking and that is the adding of an inexpensive worthless amino acid to raise the protein percentage.

For B&F Whey Perfection, according to B&F, whey from VOLAC is used..
If you look at the data sheet of VOLAC whey you will see that there is 1.4% Glycine in it, while in B&F Whey Perfection 4.5% Glycine is in it.
This may indicate the adding of Glycine in this whey.

Besides you can see that XXL Whey Delicious exactly contains 1.4% Glycine, corresponding to the datasheet from VOLAC.

If this extra unexplained 3% Glycine is deducted from the protein content B&F Whey Perfection will contain 62.5 grams of protein per 100 grams which is a deviation of about 20% with the label.

The laboratory indicates that there might be a deviation in the results.
But it is in line with the expectation that the deviation in measurement for both products is approximately equal.

If you compare the result of XXL Whey Delicious with a previous lab test
we notice that the results from this test are similar as the test discussed here.

So we can exclude the possibility that the test has a large deviation in reality and may be classified as reliable.

The complete test report can be downloaded here: Report DBB test