Whey Isolate Perfection - Bodyenfitshop - Amino acid analysis + carbs and sugars by Supplementlabtest.com

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Isolaat Perfection
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Friday, January 23, 2015
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The following test on Whey Isolate Perfection from Bodyenfitshop has been requested by our site Supplementlabtest.com and is therefore an independend test.


Due to many requests for a new independent lab test to isolate Perfection from Bodyenfitshop we were able to organize a new lab test on short notice. Our thanks for the donations. For the test a closed package of 750 grams Isolate Perfection vanilla (bought 12-2014, 11-2016 tht) is sent to the laboratory Nutricontrol for comprehensive analysis.


Perfection isolate vanilla contains 15.5% less protein, 185% more carbohydrates and 112% more sugar than indicated on the label.

The higher content of the sugar comes form fructose what is stated on the ingredients but not added to the sugar value in the nutrition table. Also again there is added glycine and alanine detected.

There is an deviation of -10,9 grams on the protein measured by a nitrogen analysis. By means of chromatography, all the amino acids are broken down and added Glycine and Alanine is detected. These amino acids must be subtracted from the protein content. There is 2.96 gram too much of these amino acids present, bringing a total difference of -13.86 grams of protein. This is a difference of -15.5% relative to the label. If we compare this with the first isolate Perfection test by the food technology students, we see that our measured values ​​match. The higher content of carbohydrates and sugars is exactly the same as that of the students. We have tested the taste of vanilla and the students chocolate coconut bounty sensation. It is known that the taste chocolate will always contain less protein than vanilla so it is logical that the percentage of protein in our test is slightly higher.

Also there are higher values ​​of arginine, leucine and histidine found. But as previous measurements are missing, we can not confirm this with certainty.


Tested product

-Crude Protein: 75.64%
-Carbohydrates: 4.1%
-Sugars: 3.8%


The nitrogen analysis and calculation of crude protein can be found in the pdf document of Nutricontrol. As well as the measurement of different carbohydrates and sugars.

* ​​2.96% of extra added amino acids (glycine and alanine) are subtracted from the measured value.

Below the label of the sachet in question.

The mino acid analysis is also to be found in the pdf document of Nutricontrol. There is 1.42% more Glycine found. Glycine contains more nitrogen, so one uses a nitrogen factor of 1.19 to obtain the correct value. This is 1.19 x 1.42 = 1.69% more protein. Also, there has been found a high value of Alanine, 1.27% more. This gives out a total of 1.69 + 1.27 = 2.96% more of added amino acids which brings the nitrogen content higher, and thus also the protein content.

There is also found a higher Arginine, Leucine and Histidine value. With earlier measurements this is not seen so we can't confirm this. Additions of Glycine and Alanine we can confirm with certainty by the previous amino acid analyses.