Fermented BCAA Powder - Myprotein - Free amino acid analysis + carbs and sugars by Supplementlabtest.com

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Fermented BCAA Powder
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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The following test on Fermented BCAA Powder from Myprotein has been requested by our site Supplementlabtest.com and is therefore an independent test. The product has been ordered at the Myprotein.nl webshop and delivered directly to the laboratory Nutricontrol.


By use of a free amino acid analysis a BCAA content of 70,5% has been measured. This represents a deviation of -5% compared to the specified percentage of 74,2% on the label (3,71 grams per 5 grams dose). The total amount of carbohydrates is is 6 gram per 100 grams (%).

Tested product

- BCAA content: 70,5%
- Carbohydrates: 6%


On the report below the measured BCAA values are stated in grams per kilograms. Calculated to per 100 grams gives the following percentages:

Iso-leucine -> 17,66%
Leucine -> 35,53%
Valine -> 17,27%

The content as indicated on the label


The Nutricontrol laboratory has again checked the data and concluded that there has been a dilution error. We always ask to check on the results with large deviations and this was also the case now. But this mistake was not immediately apparent. With tests on whey protein this is different because we use a nitrogen analysis to check the total protein content. This way we have an additional check to see if the amino acid profile analysis is correct. With the free amino acid analysis on BCAA products we did not do this because they are not protein products, but we could add this for future tests. The other BCAA analyzes are correct and match the label. A new report has been placed with correction of the dilution error. The carbohydrate and sugar analysis has also been added.