Whey Isolate and Casein Perfection - Bodyenfitshop - Amino acid analysis + carbs and sugars by Students on Bodybuilding.nl

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Isolaat Perfection and Micellar Casein
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Friday, December 19, 2014
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The following test on Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein Perfection from Bodyenfitshop has been placed on Bodybuilding.nl by a group of students (food technology) and given their method (the product has been directly sent from bodyenfitshop to laboratory), this is an independent test.


On January 13, 2015 these new analyzes were posted on Bodybuilding.nl. In this topic the discussion has been resumed. The analyses were done by an independent lab. The students who have organized the analysis make their own calculation of the measured values. The products contain 22-24% less protein and 120-189% more carbohydrates compared to the declared value.


Tested products

Isolate Perfection - Chocolate coconut bounty sensation
Batch F44234
Expire date: 11/2016 (purchase date 18-12-14)

-Crude Protein: 69,8%
-Carbohydrates: 11,83%
-Sugars: 7,99%

Micellar Casein Perfection - Vanille
Batch: F44425
Expire date: 11/2016 (aankoopdatum 18-12-14)

-Crude Protein: 65,7%
-Carbohydrates: 16,36%
-Sugars: 12,26%

The original post on Bodybuilding.nl

Dear Athletes,

This investigation is in response to previous reports that the content of protein products often does not match what's been declared on the label. From the US we have already seen alarming posts about this, but nowadays it is also relevant in the Netherlands.

From our study, we follow the discussion with great interest about two independent laboratory tests (lab test 1 and   lab test 2) on Whey Perfection from bodyenfitshop. On both lab tests added Glycine and Alanine has been detected and Whey Perfection contained approximately 20.5% less protein than on the label in both tests . 

Bodyenfitshop, after the release of the second lab test, sent a Facebook message that Perfection Whey protein contains 5-7% less than claimed (however a difference of 20% has been measured twice). According to Bodyenfitshop these large deviations only with Whey Perfection and not the other protein products. Quote bodyenfitshop:

"It was only the Whey Perfection and not about other products, these values ​​are correct. We will try to continue in the future placing test results of products on the website in order to maintain transparency."

"The problem only was with the Whey Perfection and not other products. Isolate contains the correct values!"

This not only rised questions with us but also with many other people, why is the problem only with Whey Perfection? What about the other products? How much is actually fructose in these protein products? To answer these questions we (student group Food Technology) have chosen to test isolate and micellar casein Perfection Perfection in a laboratory as a study assignment. Because of previous discussions that we have read, we have chosen an external laboratory and not a university laboratory. To get a waterproof test, the products are ordered on the website of bodyenfitshop  (Copy order confirmation), and immediately delivered to the address of the independent laboratory Nutricontrol Veghel.

Two flavors were ordered, both for isolate Perfection and micellar casein Perfection. It was decided to extensively test Micellar Casein with the flavor vanilla and Isolate Perfection with the flavor chocolate coconut bounty sensation. The other flavors serve as backup material for possible follow-up testing.

On these two products, the following tests are applied

  1. Protein content by Kjeldahl Nx6,38.
  2. Determination of 15 amino acids including glycine and alanine, other amino acids we found not to be necessary. If you add up these 15 amino acids it will be close to the protein value of the Kjeldahl measurement. If this is not the case and there is   are substances found other than amino acids which increase the nitrogen content, then follow-up research is needed.
  3. Determination of carbohydrates, including fructose.

The test results

Short summary: The products contain 22-24% less protein and 220-289% more carbohydrates than indicated by bodyenfitshop. The latter is due to the addition of fructose. Also, there is added Glycine / alanine measured just as in the Whey Perfection.


Isolate Perfection Chocolate coconut bounty sensationisolate perfection tabel results bodyenfitshop

* Explanation protein: The protein content measured is 74.4%. However, it was noted that at least 3.85% glycine is added. This gives a distorted picture of the actual protein content and so we need to correct it. The correction is 3.85 x 1.19 = 4.6%. The actual protein percentage is 74.4 - 4.6 = 69.8%.

In the original lab report all the measured values can be found including: protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and sugars (such as fructose)
Bodyenfitshop indicates that it makes use of Carbery Whey Isolate (TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION)  Measured values ​​are compared with this information.

Copy of the labelVoedingswaarde isolate perfection bodyenfitshop

Micellar Casein Perfection Vanille

table results micellar casein Bodyenfitshop

* Explanation protein: The protein content is measured 71.9%. However, it has been found that at least 5.2% and 2.5% Glycine Alanine added. This gives a distorted picture of the actual protein content and so we need to correct it. The correction (5.2 x 1.19) + 2.5 = 8.7%. The actual protein percentage is 71.9 - 8.7 = 63.2%.

In the original lab report all the measured values can be found including: protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and sugars (such as fructose)
Bodyenfitshop indicates that it makes use of Fonterra Milk Protein Isolate (TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION). Measured values ​​are compared with this information.

Copy of the label

What we first noticed that on the label is that mention is made of 100% waxy maize starch without additives (red indicated on the label). What this has to do with casein is unclear to us.

label micellar casein perfection bodyenfitshop


We now know that deviations up to 7% are normal variations in protein products. This we have checked for verification by two producers of raw whey namely VOLAC and Carbery. They indicated that a moisture content is approximately 5% with whey protein causing it to deviate downwards if there has been declared on dry substance. On the measured deviations of the products bodyenfitshop they didn't want to make any statements and didn't want to confirm that the raw materials from these companies are used for the products of bodyenfitshop.

It can be said that the large deviations as measured on the products isolate and micellar casein Perfection Perfection of bodyenfitshop are not normal. The percentage of added fructose (7%)  is not reported to the sugars on the labels. If you the previous two independent lab tests on the Whey Perfection into consideration "whereby was determined twice that this product contains approximately 20% less protein and glycine and alanine is added." Then you can say that these products in terms of percentage of protein  are structural underdosed with minimal 20% less protein and supplemented with Glycine / alanine to make the protein content appear higher than it actually is. This is called amino spiking. It is legally obliged to mention the additions on the label. On the label of Perfection isolate, micellar casein and whey Pefection Perfection of bodyenfitshop however they are not listed as ingredients.This is a violation of the Commodities Act. Also the values ​​of the carbohydrates and sugars on the label does not correspond to reality. The products contain fructose by the addition of approximately 250% more carbohydrates / sugars than indicated by bodyenfitshop. The addition of Fructose and Glycine / Alanine provides a sweeter taste of the product. These substances have been compared with proteins are cheap and often added in order to keep the cost price of the products low.

The addition of amino acids (read Glycine / alanine) in protein products is apparently common with Aminolabs, the producer of the products of bodyenfitshop. Below is a piece from the message by Aminolabs that was issued after the release of the lab test organized by members of dutchbodybuilding.com on Whey Perfection.

Passage from the message of Aminolabs

Amino Labs has specialized itself over the years in the flavoring of protein products. After much research, we have developed unique flavors for these protein products that stand out from other products. We use amino acids as a carrier of these aromas. This is because they lean strongly on the function of the protein product from a natural perspective . We want to emphasize that these aromas with the carrier amino acids are not declared as "protein" but as "flavor" on the specification. This is to not mislead the consumer and to make them a fair idea of ​​the pure protein content in the product. But this can give a distorted picture when the amino acid profile is analyzed by a laboratory. The amino acid profile that we pass on is based on the pure proteins present in the product and the "flavoring agents" are not included in it. This explains the different profile on the forum of bodynet.nl.

We will see if we can organize more tests on sports nutrition the coming period. We have been advised to stay out of further discussion and to limit ourselves to placing the test results and the corresponding conclusion.