Whey Sensation - First Class Nutrition - Nitrogen analysis + carbs and sugars by Supplementlabtest.com

Product Name: 
Whey Sensation (mix)
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Test Date: 
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
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The following test on Whey Sensation from First Class Nutrition has been requested by our site Supplementlabtest.com and is therefore an independend test. The product has been ordered and delivered directly to the laboratory Nutricontrol.


By use of the nitrogen analysis a protein content of 76,3% has been measured for the taste vanilla. This represents a deviation of 4,6% compared to the specified percentage of 80% on the label. An amino acid analysis is required in order to exclude amino spiking. The measured carbohydrate content of 6,7 grams is correspondents with the 6,42 grams indicated on the label. The sugar content of 5 grams consists of 4,5 grams lactose, 0,1 grams glucose and 0,2 gramss maltose. So currently a good result for Whey Sensation.


Tested Product

- Crude Protein: 76,3% (has to be checked with an amino acid analysis)
- Carbohydrates: 6,7 grams
- Sugars: 5 grams


First Class Table results

On the report below the crude protein (ruw eiwit) content with a nitrogen factor of 6.38 for dairy products is the correct value for the nitrogen analysis.

Report First Class Lab test

The content as indicated on the label

First Class Whey Label